Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reverse Psychology

Why is it that as soon as classes end, I suddenly become more motivated and actually get things done?  I had thought that having a schedule this semester would help me get up and get things done with my day.  Instead, I watched a lot of hulu.  And surfthechannel (am I allowed to admit that on here?).  I thought about a lot of things, but very few of these things made it into writing.  This has all changed in the past three days, however.  I've got 10 pages of my seminar paper and I still have at least fifteen more to write, depending on the kinds of musical examples that I use.  A successful day, yes, but I wish that my semester had been full of them.

Perhaps this bodes well for the summer, though.  I have a game plan for my day to day, and a tentative schedule that I think I can stick to for the long haul - if I can defend my prospectus in September, I'll be incredibly happy.  That way I'll be about a year ahead of where people normally are, since it seems most people defend their prospectuses (prospectii?) at the end of their fourth year, rather than at the beginning.  It'll be good timing, too - with my fellowship, I'm hoping to get in at least one more trip to London in the fall, and then possibly go back next summer.

I'm currently coming up with a list of fellowships to apply for to do my research.  I'm unsure about applying to the Fulbright, because the chances of me getting one for England are so incredibly low - much lower than any other country, I would imagine.  The Mellon Fellowship for Research in Archives (or something like that) sounds like a good one for me, and there are a number of others.  I'm not sure how I feel about going to England for a whole year, though.  Of course it would be fun, but I don't think that it's necessary for the dissertation that I'm proposing, and I'm pretty sure that if I'm over there I won't get much actual work done writing.  It doesn't seem like many people do.  It's not that I want out of the program (well, maybe I do), but I think that I would be a lot more productive writing in Ann Arbor.  I guess the ideal situation would be to go for all of next summer (May thru August) and then finish up my fifth and first part of my sixth years, and then apply for jobs.  We'll see if I can do that!

My friend took his prelims today, so we're going out celebrating in a few.  Which means I'm off the hook in terms of work.  I suppose I could write the other 10 pages while intoxicated - that would be an interesting adventure...

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  1. as soon as classes end, I suddenly become... equally unmotivated. but it's a sudden lack of change.