Monday, April 26, 2010

Done at last!

Well, here we are on the flip side.  Seminar paper, 25 pages (not including the bibliography), pretty decent if I do say so myself.  It's probably the first paper I've written that I'm really really proud of, besides my third term paper.  It's definitely not refined, in any way - the arguments need to be more clear and more sorted out, and I think I need to streamline everything a little more.  I may have tried to accomplish too much with this one paper, but I definitely know how to pare it back a bit when I turn it into an article.  I really hope that Stein likes it and gives me constructive feedback on how to submit it.  I also think that I can use it as part of my dissertation, or perhaps as small model for what I want my dissertation to be.  And the best part: when I was writing, I was in complete control of the bibliography.  I knew exactly what I needed to look at and footnote - maybe I am becoming a "Handel scholar" after all!

This is my first real "day off" since finishing, and I'm really only going to allow myself this week before I get to some intense work on my prospectus.  Now that I have my carrel at Hatcher and I've quit facebook, I'm actually managing to get things done during the day.  It feels really good to wake up at 8, exercise, watch my many TV shows, eat breakfast and run errands, and then get up to the library by 1 and work until 5 or 6 pm.  A leisurely but productive ten hour day, if I do say so myself.  I think it'll be a good routine for me this summer, and I'm looking forward to allowing myself WEEKENDS OFF for a change.  I plan on having many adventures.  On the list: Holland, MI (although probably not during the tulip festival), Port Huron, MI, Stratford, ON for the theater festival, my trip to London, and of course, my annual sojourn to Ossipee Lake to see everyone.  I'm sure that I'll be taking more trips (hopefully to visit Jahi in Ithaca, finally), and possibly to D.C. and NYC, since I've punked out on the Alaska trip (sorry dudes, it's way too expensive for me right now).

As all my favorite television shows start ramping up for their season finales, I'm actually wondering if I should completely lay off television this summer, except for the few shows that I watch.  The ones that will be continuing through are The Tudors, Lie to Me, Hell's Kitchen (I think), and Mad Men - but most of those are short seasons, and most do not overlap.  I think if I limit myself to two hours of TV per week, I can also get a lot more accomplished, and I can do more things with people, rather than being addicted to hulu.  Don't get me wrong: I love hulu, and it has been a great source of entertainment - but I need to stop being a complete television addict.  Michael says that he is giving up internet for good when he moves this coming weekend.  Not sure I have the willpower to do that but limiting its usage will certainly be beneficial to my career, my eyes, and my brain.

I'm hoping to audition for a choir for next year.  I feel slightly guilty, since I completely punked out of the Life Sciences Orchestra about a month ago, but to be fair, that wasn't very fun for me this semester because of my terrible stand partner and because the repertory was just not very good.  I miss singing in a choir, and the UMS Choral Union performs Messiah every Christmas (shall I complain here that it's ridiculous to perform that work at Christmas time, since it's meant as an Easter oratorio??), so I'll get to perform Handel.  I think it'll be a lot of fun, if I can get in. Or if I can get an audition...

Well, off to do errands and enjoy the sunny if slightly chilly day.  Adios for now..

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